Virtual Braunstone is a virtual-environment representation of a Health and Community Centre in the Braunstone Estate near Leicester, UK. Virtual Braunstone serves as a flexible and inclusive host for interactive and location-specific multimedia content. Moving through the building, users can explore interactive narrative sequences that feature dynamic, cinematic camerawork and incorporate animated movies, interviews and photographs referring to the functionality and conceptual ideas behind the architectural design of the building. Decisions taken by the visitors and the relationships that they establish in the virtual environment help them to understand and experience social, cultural, technical and environmental complexities of the project.

The project was developed in the Digital Studio, University of Cambridge and funded by the National Health Service, UK. Two National Health Service units, the Centre for Healthcare Architecture and Design Excellency Unit acted as clients. I contributed work and expertise to all stages of production including general direction, designing, modelling, visual content preparation and programming. In particular, I was responsible for the design of interactivity, visual content, narrative structures and the presentation devices.

Opening screen 

Main facade of the building
Opening sequence: Main facade of the building

Theme selector 

Avatar moving towards the cournyard
Interior space: Avatar moving towards the cournyard

Acessing integrated multimedis
In the courtyard: Acessing integrated multimedis