Virtual West Cambridge

Virtual West Cambridge is a real-time three-dimensional representation of a large-scale, long-term architectural development at the West Cambridge site, a growing campus of the University of Cambridge. The Virtual West Cambridge three-dimensional navigable environment supports publicity and development for the Estate Management and Building Service, a division of the University of Cambridge, and for other project consultants. It incorporates a flexible itnerface, a non-linear narrative structure, a traffic simulation and other features.

I worked on the project from its inception, acted as the project leader and was responsible for all design and implementation tasks. Paul Richens acted as a primary investigator on the Web-based Participation for Campus-scale Project Design project with Simon Ruffle participating as a key team-member. Fran├žois Penz acted as a co-investigator on this parent project and coordinated the work on Virtual West Cambridge. Jonathan Mackenzie helped to design and program the traffic simulation. Michael Nitsche helped to design and program the interface. In the later stages of the project, Giorgos Artopoulos modelled some of the new buildings. The Estate Management and Building Service of the University of Cambridge acted as a client. Architects, landscape architects, road engineers and other consultants provided advice and information on individual buildings and the landscape.

(screen capture)
Approaching the site: (screen capture)

(screen capture)
Example of the interface: (screen capture)

(screen capture)
Sports centre proposal (Arup): (screen capture)