If you think you would like to work on a PhD (or a Masters by research) at the Melbourne School of Design, in Critical Research in Digital Architecture group, please get in touch. Especially, if you are interested in one of the following themes that I can supervise.

Supervision Themes (as keywords)

Advanced geometries; procedural designing; parametric designing; generative designing; adaptive architectures; automated fabrication

Bioinspiration; digital morphogenesis; complex systems; self-organization; emergence

Hybrid, digital-physical environments; interactive multimedia; urban media; location-specific media; virtual environments; computer games; persistent online environments

Performative construction of place; dynamic places; dramatic places; narrative construction of reality; spatially expressive narrative; narrative expressive space

Practice-based research methodologies in art, design and architecture; interdisciplinary and integrative designing; investigative designing; tacit and experiential knowledge; academic writing and alternative ways of reporting; visual and performative reporting; evocative, narrative and dramatic approaches to learning and knowing

Participatory and inclusive designing; distributed and social creativity; creative communities; innovation

Evocative art history; microhistories

Social, environmental and technical ecologies; social sustainability; green design; supercycling and upcycling; re-design and creative reuse of waste